Local & Sustainable

Our restaurant would never exist without support from our local community in the form of micro loans and so much more. We are dedicated to supporting a local thriving economy and environment and to serving the healthiest, tastiest and that means freshest food to you, our beloved community.

With grateful hearts, we thank our local collaborators:

Blue Sky Farms, Cane Creek Farm, Carrboro Greenspace, Cliff’s Meat Market, Chapel Hill Creamery, Circle Acres Farm, Core Sound Seafood, Eco Farm, Ever Laughter Farm, Fernrock Farm, Fickle Creek Farm, Flat River Nursery, Flytrap Studios, Good Work, Hillsborough Cheese Company, Homeland Creamery, Hope Gardens, Jessee’s Coffee & Bar, Joe Thompson’s Prawn Pond, Kalawi Farm, Lil’ Farm, Lindley Mills, Maple View Dairy, Minka Farm, Okfuskee Farm, Piedmont Biofarm, Piedmont Biofuels, Roberson Creek Farm, Small Potatoes Farm, Sunset Farms, Spice Bazaar, T5 Farm, TempehGirl, Tom Robinson’s Carolina Seafood, Thriving Artist Federation, Two Ton Farm, Weaver Street Market, Woodfruit Mushrooms
…and more from local farmers’ markets. Every Saturday you will see someone from the restaurant, usually Vimala, at Carrboro Farmers’ Market supporting our local food economy and bringing the freshest food & beautiful flowers back to the restaurant.

Our Kitchen Garden – Also, we Compost!

We compost all of our kitchen scraps!

In December 2010, the Crop Mob broke ground on our beautiful, abundant kitchen garden. Farmers, Peter Brayshaw & Mathus Ferguson, land owner, Liane Salgado, and various volunteers kept the garden growing green, red, purple, golden and delicious!

Food for All

We believe in making healthy, delicious food accessible to all people and we trust in our community’s commitment to food justice. When you visit the restaurant please consider donating to our Food for All fund to help us continue the legacy of our community supported dinners. If you can afford to help us sustain our ‘everybody eats’ policy, please do give generously. We have a jar on the register where we accept donations for this cause. If you are unable to afford our prices, let us know. When Vimala cooks, everybody eats!